The mission of the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs is to support and encourage the work of Harvard students and faculty, bringing Harvard to the world and the world to Harvard. To accomplish this mission, the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs:

Promotes global engagement at Harvard by…

  • Negotiating agreements with international partners to:
    • Provide new teaching and research opportunities for Harvard faculty and students
    • Bring new international students, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows to Harvard
  • Supporting the work of Harvard’s global research centers and offices abroad
  • Managing international activities that span multiple Harvard Schools
  • Hosting events to showcase Harvard’s global work, such as Worldwide Week and Harvard Abroad; and publishing materials on Harvard’s international activities
  • Making public presentations about Harvard’s global work
  • Meeting with Harvard alumni worldwide hosting visiting delegations

Oversees Harvard’s global engagement by…

  • Ensuring that Harvard’s global activities are consistent with the University’s teaching and research missions, and with University policies
  • Managing the University Committee on International Projects and Sites
  • Reviewing international research proposals, via Provost’s Review
  • Reviewing international centers, in collaboration with other Harvard administrative offices


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