University Committee on International Projects and Sites (UCIPS)

The University Committee on International Projects and Sites (UCIPS) was established by the Provost to review and facilitate major international activities at Harvard. UCIPS reviews proposals for significant activities abroad, including the establishment of Harvard “offices” and other locations abroad; discusses University-wide policies that affect Harvard’s international activities; and reviews ongoing international activities at the request of the President, Provost, or Deans. It provides recommendations to Deans and faculty members in support of major international proposals. The UCIPS is advisory to the Provost, who appoints its members.

Proposals that are international and that meet any of the following criteria are reviewed by UCIPS:

  • The proposal involves the establishment of a new international office or other physical location
  • The proposal has an annual budget greater than $1.0 million or other threshold specific to the School
  • The proposal involves the use of the Harvard name
  • The proposal involves a scope of work that is unusual, complex or high risk

Committee membership includes at least one faculty representative from each School of the University, which is chaired by the Vice Provost for International Affairs.  For more information or with questions, please contact Shaira Kochubaeva, Assistant Provost for International Affairs.